Record Conditions

Conditions for an entry in the EuroThrowers record database

A record can be entered in the record database if the record was achieved at an event

  • at National Championship or International level (not regional)
  • the EuroThrowers rules (or stricter rules) were applied

A record achieved at a regional competition (that is, not a National Championship) can be included. It will be marked Regional record in the competition column, and it will be a record in a separate ranking insofar as it will not change the current world record (which is marked in bold).

To register a record, send an email to the EuroThrowers record keeper:

The follwing documentation is to be provided:

  • Name/location/date of the event
  • Name of person achieving the record
  • Statement that the person achieving the records is OK with the publication
  • Discipline (e.g. knife female 3m) and score achieved
  • Copy (PDF or Website or Image) of event invitation
  • Copy of event rules
  • Signed statement that the rules conform to EuroThrowers rules (or are stricter)
  • Copy of the event results
  • If possible, copy of the score sheet
  • Name of the person submitting the record (must be member of EuroThrowers or member club)

Example entry