Thank you!

Organisers of the Big European Throwers Meeting
Each year, an individual club member or a group has taken it up to organise the Big Throwers Meeting / European Championship. This page is here to say Thank You to them!

Organisatoren des Großen Werfertreffens
Jedes Jahr hat es ein einzelnes Vereinsmitglied oder eine Gruppe auf sich genommen, das Große Werfertreffen / Europäische Meisterschaft zu veranstalten. Auf dieser Seite wollen wir uns dafür nochmals Herzlich Bedanken!

Organisateurs du Grande Rencontre Européenne des Lanceurs
Année après année, un membre du club ou une groupe des lanceurs c'est chargé d'organiser la Grande Rencontre des Lanceurs / Championnat Européen. Cette page est là pour dire Merci Beaucoup! à eux.

19: Newark, England | August 2019

Litte John, Richard Sunderland, Ginger, Neville Oldroyd, Nicola Wetherill, Mark Lee, Mo Gagawara, Martin Dale, Paul Swain, Owen Channer, Justin Mosley, George Leeming and Zoe Sunderland, the Woodend Warriors, East Coast Target Sports, the Phoenix Throwers, the Norfolk Flingers, and all on "Team GB".

Team GB

18: Rýmařov, Czech Republi | Aug. 2018

Gin of the WAC, Dušan Dvořák, and many helpers such as Martin Heczko and Milan Fogaš (junior and senior).

17: Alsómocsolád, Hungary | Sept. 2017

János and Réka Kohl, and 99 helpers!

János Kohl

16: Maniago, Italy | July 2016

Stefano and Carlo Cristini and many helpers and arbiters from SILCA

Stefano Cristini and SILCA helpers.

15: Huthwaite, England, | Aug. 2015

Dan Mosley, Richard Sunderland, John Taylor, and many helpers from KATTA UK

Dan, Richard and John and the KATTA people.

14: Callac, France, | Aug. 2014

Pierre Cazoulat and more than 50 helpers (club Lanserien Kontili Breizh)

Pierre Cazoulat and his helpers, Callac 2014

The main responsibles:
Technology: Julien Quémener
Administration: Florence Le Cerf
Finances: Sylvain Guénégou
Craftsmen exposition, catering, supporting programme: Jean-Charles Courtinat
Informatics: Maud Guylpin, Pauline le Guenniou
Calligrapher certificates: Maurice Gaël
Electronic Duel-Cup measuring device: José Louarn
Internet, invitation, coordination EuroThrowers: Christian Thiel
Deputy Coordinator, software for score calculations: Stéphane Le Merrer
Organiser, Coordinator: Pierre Cazoulat

13: Nivnice, Czech Republic, | Sept. 2013

Dušan Dvořák (W-Club)

Dušan Dvořák, Nivnice

12: Forni Avoltri, Italy, | Sept. 2012

Gaetano D'Avenia, Gabriella Mestroni, and many more from the club "Giusto verso Carnia throwers"

Gaetano d'Avenia, Forni Avoltri

11: Herrischried, Germany | Sept. 2011

Holger Wycisk

Holger Wycisk, Herrischried.

10: Rome, Italy | Sept. 2010

Americo Sabatto (A.L.S.I.)

Americo Sabato, Roma.

9: Villeflambeau, Paris, France | Sept. 2009

Bernadette & Dominique Gagnon

Dominique et Bernadette Gagnon, de Villeflambeau, France.

8: Chomutov, Czech Republic | Sept. 2008

Josef Svec, Ludvik Smajda (Celts)
Fery & Lada Olbort (NAJA)

Fery Olbort, Chomutov.

7: Erlangen, Germany | Sept. 2007

Norbert Maier

Norbert Maier, Erlangen.

6: Allevard, Grenoble, France | Okt. 2006

Christian Geronimo Buttarello

Christian Buttarello, Allevard.

5: Pullman City, Passau, Germany | Okt. 2005

Christian Thiel

Christian Thiel, Pullman City.

4: Bayonne, France | Okt. 2004

Michel Dujay

Michel Dujay, Bayonne.

3: Lean Bear Horse Ranch, Berlin, Germany | Aug. 2003

2: Lean Bear Horse Ranch, Berlin, Germany | Sept. 2002

1: Lean Bear Horse Ranch, Berlin, Germany | Sept. 2001

Christian Prestin

Christian Prestin, LBHR, Berlin.