Managing Committee



The Managing Committee

The managing committe (executive organ of the club, elected in 2022) consists of the following persons:

Le Comité Directeur

Le comité directeur (organ exécutiv du club, élu en 2022) est composé des personnes suivantes:

Der Vorstand

Der Vorstand (das ausführende Organ des Vereins, gewählt 2022) besteht aus den folgenden Personen:

Duties of the Management Committee

As per our Articles of Association (§8.2), "The managing committee has to take the decisions about all association matters, as long as the matter is not restricted to the members meeting." That is, the Management Committee is responsible for dealing with the day-to-day issues of keeping the EuroThrowers running, and for maintaining a consistent vision for the association.

Some of the tasks that members of the Management Committee take care of are:

  • Manage members subscriptions (membership cards, fees)
  • Registering the general assembly decisions with the court
  • Keep the association website running, enhancing it with new information
  • Optimising insurance coverage for members
  • Making sure there is one central Big Throwers Meeting every year in Europe as a focal point
  • Negotiate to standardise the rules for competitions, so that a) at the European Championship everybody knows to expect b) give new clubs a guideline and c) allow people in their backyard to compare to the best throwers
  • Making sure people who need to get into contact with other throwers in their region get the right contacts.
  • Staying in contacts with all throwing associations worldwide (Europe & Russia, USA, Indonesia).
  • Trying to find ways to advance the sports, without enraging or losing the majority of the throwers in the process.
  • Do press and public relations work to influence the public image of the sport positively.
  • Translating important texts / discussions