Every member of the Eurothrowers Club can request to get a login. Then, by simply clicking at the edit-button on the bottom of each page, he will be able to change the page! It is nearly as easy as a word processor!

The pages are hosted at the service, the technical platform used is a wiki. The following links give some help in editing pages:

  • Wiki syntax for editing pages
  • General documentation page
  • Pictures can be uploaded at the page you want them to be using the files link at the bottom. Read here how then to include them.
  • An inconvenience: If you change something, hit "save", and then click "options -> page source" in the footer to see if the changes are not only showing on the page, but have been recorded in the backend as well.
  • Text can be colored in the signal-color of a language. Predefined colors are available for german, english, french, italian, czech, russian and hungarian.

[[div class="italian"]
The italian-colored text

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