Compability of FSLCH 2022 rules with EuroThrowers rules

Comparing which parts of the competition events under the rules of the French throwing umbrella organisation FSLCH are compatible with the EuroThrowers European Standard Rules.


FSLCH: 2022, as used in 2022 French Championship (rules)
EuroThrowers: version 2019


Same target layout, same scoring, same number of throws;
Targets can start as low as 120cm, hence 10cm lower than with EuroThrowers, but this is only a minor deviation.

Knives and Axes

The rules given for knives and axes follow EuroThrowers rules, sometimes FSLCH is more restrictive.

Long Distance

The rules do not employ zones as in EuroThrowers rules. But it is necessary to go back at least 1m after a succesfull stick. The minimum distances (with the exception of no-spin) meet or exceed EuroThrowers requirements.


FSLCH knife events Precision on distances 3m, 5m, 7m, Long Distance (exception no-spin) and WalkBack are compatible with EuroThrowers.
FSLCH axe events Precision 4m, 7m, and Long Distance are compatible with EuroThrowers.