Compability of FFLC 2014 rules with EuroThrowers rules

Comparing which parts of the competition events under the rules of the French throwing umbrealla organisation (FFLC) are compatible with the EuroThrowers European Standard Rules.


FFLC: initial version, 3d of May 2014
EuroThrowers: version 2010


Same target, same scoring, same number of throws;
Note that when FFLC score give half or quarter points, this is solely to document the final ranking between throwers with a tie in points.


Knife: FFLC more strict (max 40cm length, max 5cm width)
-> FFLC Distances 3m, 5m, 7m knife are compatible with EuroThrowers


Axe: same restrictions
-> FFLC Distances 5m and 7m Axe are compatible with EuroThrowers (5m is not)

Long distance events

The FFLC target is smaller; the throwing zones are equal, with most 3 knives in one zone.
-> FFLC knife and axe distance events are compatible with EuroThrowers