Compability of FFLC 2017 rules with EuroThrowers rules

Comparing which parts of the competition events under the rules of the French throwing umbrella organisation (FFLC) are compatible with the EuroThrowers European Standard Rules.


FFLC: 2017, as used in French Championship (Distances, Targets, Knives)
EuroThrowers: version 2010


Same target layout, same scoring, same number of throws;
Targets up to 165cm high, hence 5cm higher than with EuroThrowers, but this is only a minor deviation.


Knife: minimum length the same; does not have a maximum for the blade. For a record to be valid, it would have to be verified that the knife used was not wider than allowed by EuroThrowers.

Conclusion: FFLC Distances 3m, 5m, 7m knife are compatible with EuroThrowers given that the knife was not too broad.