Big Throwers Meeting 2007

Report on the meeting (with pictures)

On the weekend of the 8th and 9th September 2007, the annual Big Throwers Meetings will have place in Nürnberg/Erlangen, Germany. Knife throwers and axe throwers from all over Europe will come together to have fun, throw together and compete (report 2006). This years event is organised by Norbert Maier.

The setting is a big boy-scout campground in the forest, called Waldbühne, in Erlangen, Germany. The schedule is as usual: Friday is reserved for getting there and checking in, then on Saturday we start with the competitions at 11 o'clock. On Sunday, from 11-13h we scheduled a members meeting of the European Throwing Club "Flying Blades". Then it's time for free throwing, respectively we finish the competition events.

It would be kind to drop us a note if you know you will be coming, or are interested. This helps us plan accordingly and keep you up to date.

Practical Information

Competition rules

There shouldn't be any big changes to last year's rules.


Festwiese im Meilwald (Meilwaldbühne)
91054 Buckenhof

Plan your trip / Map

How to get there

  • The nearest Airport ist Nürnberg (Nuremberg). From the airpport, you can catch a direct train to Erlangen, or perhaps we can fetch you. Just be sure to tell us when you come!
  • The nearest train station is Erlangen. (Train schedules)


The official hotel for the event is the hotel "Mercure" in Erlangen (Hotel Mercure, Bayreuther Str. 53, 91054 Erlangen). It's best to book your room there using the service. It's easy, they offer good prices, and normally you can even cancel your reservation on short notice. To find the hotel, simply enter "Erlangen" as Destination and "Mercure" as Hotel.
How to get to the hotel and from there to the competition place: information to follow, partly we will organise a shuttle service.

Camping is possible on the competition site. There will be a big tent for those who don't want to bring their own. As it is not an official camping site, sanitary installations are rather limited.